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On: Nov 17 2016 | Category: Elections, Retirement Savings

Post-Election, One Week Later

Watching the market’s reaction to the surprise Donald Trump victory over the last week has been a lot like riding Space Mountain. The first fourteen hours had a 1,000-point swing in the Dow, a phenomenon we wrote about last week.

Miller Center Think Tank

On: Nov 14 2016 | Category: Community Involvement, Elections

The Secret White House Recordings: Lessons for the Next President-Elect

Harris Financial Advisors recently held a series of presentations in conjunction with the Miller Center, a non-partisan public policy think tank. We listened to secret recordings from the Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon administrations and discussed their relevance to the recent Presidential election.

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On: Nov 10 2016 | Category: Elections, Retirement Savings

A Sleepless Night… Feels Like Déjà Vu All Over Again

Watching the election results I am overcome with a feeling of déjà vu. The Brexit vote was a shock for many of the same reasons as tonight’s results are a shock – the polls predicted a Clinton victory just as a Brexit Stay victory was predicted.

HFA Report Q3 2016

On: Oct 19 2016 | Category: Quarterly Report, Retirement Savings

By the Numbers – 2016 3rd Quarter Report

Reflecting back on 3rd quarter asset class performance, disappointments were few and far between. Stocks provided solid returns across the globe, as domestic and global bonds inched forward. Real estate’s climb paused and commodities retraced earlier gains. Investors welcomed the mostly upward trend as last quarter ended with volatility surrounding Brexit.

Sean & Stewart

On: Sep 13 2016 | Category: Community Involvement, In the News

Reflections from Our Summer Intern, Sean Ostrom

When I first started as a summer intern with Harris Financial Advisors (HFA) in June 2016, I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know what a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) was, how to approach the management of a client’s wealth, or any part of the intricate operational process that provides the backbone for everything we do to best serve the client.

On: Jul 8 2016 | Category: Community Involvement, In the News

Torrance Tribune April-June 2016

The Torrance Tribune recently highlighted two community events the Harris Financial Advisors team has been involved with.

On: Jun 3 2016 | Category: College Planning

College Bound? Critical Documents Every 18-Year Old Needs To Complete

Have your estate planning attorney draft documents for your college-bound child to make her wishes known and to appoint an agent to make healthcare and financial decisions in the event of a disabling event or accident.

On: Jun 1 2016 | Category: In the News

Southbay Magazine, May-June 2016

Harris Financial Advisors was recently showcased in Southbay Magazine. We hope you will enjoy reading the spotlight at

On: May 13 2015 | Category: Fraud Protection

Identity Theft: Controlling the Uncontrollable

Audit your current identity theft protection practices and work to maximize their effectiveness. We have five steps to take to protect yourself in the unfortunate event of identity theft.